Not Notcoin

Welcome to Not Notcoin ($NOTNOT)

Memecoin made just for Notcoin fans like you by a Notcoin fan. It is launched on the TON blockchain by an experienced developer. He made it so you have something to do in between tapping your phone and earning more notcoins.

Jetton Address on TON Blockchain:


What is Notcoin

Notcoin is a simple yet highly addicting game integrated into telegram with over 6 million players. Simply tap your phone screen to mine Notcoins. No one knows why you should accumulate them. The game is supported by TON and by participating in the challenges, players can learn more about the TON blockchain. Join or form squads with your friends and find the best strategies to maximize your mining.

What is TON

TONcoin or $TON is the native crypto of The Open Network. It is a decentralized and open internet, created by the community using a technology designed by Telegram. the TON blockchain remains one of the few truly scalable blockchain projects. As such, it is still the most advanced blockchain project, capable of performing millions and, if necessary tens of millions of smart contract transactions per second.

Meet the developer

Welcome to the thrilling world of SuperBennyBear, helmed by the ingenious Chris Campbell, aka Obliviscare666.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Chris is the driving force behind the innovative Not Notcoin $NOTNOT on the TON blockchain.

With an impressive track record, Chris co-developed Squidanomics, propelling it from a $90k market cap to a staggering $27m in 2021, while distributing over $1m in prizes.

His visionary leadership extends to pioneering crypto games and essential utilities like bridges, staking, and NFTs, shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we witness Chris Campbell's transformative impact on the crypto world.


Phase 1

<$100k marketcap

Publish Website

Jetton Launch

Social Media Campaign

NotBot NFTs minted

Phase 2

>$500k marketcap


$NOTNOT Staking platform
(To earn $NOT)

Tap Sequence Play2Earn
Telegram Game

Phase 3

>$1m marketcap

EVM TON Blockchain

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